22 Feb 2014 – Barley Mow to Greywell – Peter battles with Bridge

Peter goes for a ‘paddle’

The sun was shinning above us for a glorious day on the Basingstoke Canal. Starting from the car park near the Barley Mow pub in Winchfield, passing Odiham Castle and up to the collapsed Greywell tunnel.

There were reports of 50 fallen trees blown down by last weekends storm but they had all been cleared away so we had an easy navigation.

Phil & Dan were in a canoe. Andrew and Norma in a K2, Richard, Peter and Stuart in Tercel’s and myself in a Cirrus for the first time.

There was a a slight battle going on under the footbridge near Odiham Castle with Peter. Unfortunately the bridge won and Peter ended up in the canal complete with a full audience from above. One lady quoting from the bridge ‘oh no I missed him falling in ha ha!!’

Everyone except Peter carried on up through the weeds, shallows and sparkling water to the mouth of the Greywell Tunnel. The foliage in this part of the canal was amazing. It got very thick in some parts with our boats scraping above. Phil and Dan decided to go into the mouth of the tunnel and got their canoe stuck, doh!

The day got quite warm. Even Richard had to stop on the way back to get out of his kayak to peal off some clothing. I enjoyed the topless guy riding his bike! Rare bread at this time of year! The other highlight was seeing a foot long dead bream floating belly up!

In total we did 10 miles and everyone but Norma, who had to dash back, stayed on for a rightly deserved lunch in The Barley Mow.

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  1. It may seem to the members of Hampton Canoe Club that I intend to test the depth of every part of the Basingstoke Canal, but I can assure you this is not the case. What I did “intend” to do, unknown to my fellow paddlers, just in case they wanted to join me, was to execute the perfect capsize and self rescue. So, on spying that the Low Lifting Bridge was full of early morning ramblers, I thought what better time and place for a bit of a showing off. As you can see by the photo, (thanks very much for that Phil) I was very pleased myself by how it all went, and judging by the cheering and laughing coming from the bridge my audience also seem to think it was the perfect performance. Ahh don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

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