Join Hampton Canoe Club

In normal circumstances we welcome new members.

To join the club you need to have completed one of our courses or have kayaked in open or closed cockpit kayaks (not sit on tops or inflatables) regularly and recently and have completed an assessment with one of our coaches.  (Assessments will not be carried out until April 2021)

The main membership requirement is that you’re able to paddle in the club boats; which really means that you know the basics and are safe on the water.

If you have this experience or have British Canoeing qualifications, please contact one of our coaches, letting them know what kind of paddling you have done so they can arrange an assessment for you. If you pass the assessment then you can apply for membership otherwise you will need to take a course with the club prior to joining. 

If you decide to join the club within one year of completing the Hampton Paddler course or doing an assessment, please complete this online membership form.

For any further questions email our membership secretary, Charles Taylor .  You will need to pay your membership fees by electronic transfer.

Membership fees (2020)

Joining Fee £10/person  (new members)

Adult         £56/year                      Spouse/Partner £30/year

Family       £86/year  (parent(s) + children ( under 18 )  )

Rack fee   £45/year  

Deduct £2 from the above if you are a BC member.

Pro-rated fees when joining part way through the year

  July-Sept 3/4 fee Oct-Dec 1/2 fee Jan-Mar 1+1/4 to cover next year
Single membership + joining fee   £52   £38  £80
 Family membership + 2 joining fees  £84.50 £63 £127.50

Boat Fees

You can either choose to pay £3 per session per boat or alternatively £95 per year (1st April to 31st March of the next year) on our pre-pay system; this allows you unlimited use of the boats throughout the year. Obviously if you think you will go out more than 32 times during the course of the year then this method is more economic.

Guest Fees

Members can take a guest kayaking or canoeing. The cost is £10 per adult and £5 for a child (under 18)

Members also guarantee Hampton Canoe Club for £1 

Rack Fees

Hampton Canoe Club will endeavour to contact private boat owners but boats for which rack fees are outstanding for 12 months will become club property and may be used as club boats or sold

Participation Statement

Canoeing and Kayaking are “Assumed risk, water contact” sports, that may carry attendant risks. Participants should be aware of and accept these risks, and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.