Latest Covid Rules Update – Dec 2, 2020

Good news, from 2 December we can reopen the club following tier 2 guidelines* which means we are operating similarly to before lockdown. But please do read on…


Limits on number of people

  • Maximum group size of 6.
  • Limit of 2 people inside the clubhouse at the same time.
  • K2 and C2’s may be used by someone outside your household, as long as the extra precautions are taken:
    • canoes to be paddled only on flat water such as the non-tidal Thames and canals (i.e. not Mole) in calm conditions and light winds.
    • wash/gel hands before touching boat when getting it out and stay 1m+ apart
    • each paddler to stay at stern or bow for entire trip, no swapping
    • avoid high intensity exertion whilst paddling


Clean everything

  • Wash/sanitise hands on arrival and before and after paddling
  • Sign in/out like usual
  • Clean and dry the boat and paddle after use – bring your own towel (spares in drawers but they must be returned washed)
  • Use the soap and water for boats and paddles please as the spray isn’t easy to come by
  • Spray the club BAs with the antibacterial spray supplied



  • Arrive ready to paddle. If you need to use the changing room because you have accidentally swum then only one person at a time in the change room.
  • You may use the toilet; spray the toilet and basin with the anti-bac spray.
  • The tea and coffee facilities are not in use. But we are sure the local cafes would appreciate our support (following tier 2 guidelines*).
  • Paddle locally and don’t travel to Tier 3.


General reminders:

  • It’s now getting cold…bring your dry bag with hat and spare clothes, and pogies or non slip gloves
  • Bring a towel for the boat (hopefully not for yourself, but a micro fibre towel is a good investment)
  • Check Thames river conditions regularly here:
  • Avoid going out on yellow or red boards unless you are a very competent paddler
  • Check the weather and wind speed as paddling in wind over 16mph will be hard work. Paddling on the canals is much safer in stronger winds e.g gusting at 30mph.


If you are worried about paddling after a break or now it’s winter this is understandable. Please advise me or a committee member and we will arrange some suitable paddling sessions.

Don’t be put off by winter – the paddling can be beautiful. Once you have been paddling for a few minutes you soon warm up, you just need extra layers for when you get off the water.



  • If you visit the club and subsequently experience any symptoms please let the committee know
  • If you have any symptoms, or are self-isolating, please do not visit the club