Further Updates to Club Rules under Covid - Jul 25,2020


Paddle safely ·         

  • Paddling safety is important so don’t start paddling on your own if you have not previously paddled solo. Only competent and experienced paddlers should be on the water independently.         
  • A paddler should only go afloat if they are confident they can get in and out of the boat completely unaided, and rescue themselves if required. Nobody should rely on another paddler coming within 2m to help them except in an emergency, you need to be a self sufficient paddler.    
  • Please follow the government rules and BC advice that you may only exercise with five other people outside your household, or with members of your own household ·  
  • Try and paddle at various times throughout the day to avoid congestion at the club ·
  • Boats can be taken away for day trips, people should travel in their own car, up to 6 paddlers maximum on a trip.

Use of C2’s is now allowed provided the following mitigations are followed

  • canoes to be paddled only on flat water such as the non-tidal Thames and canals – (i.e. not Mole) in calm conditions and light winds –
  • wash/gel hands before touching boat when getting canoes out and stay 1m+ apart –
  • each paddler to stay at stern or bow for entire trip, no swapping –
  • avoid high intensity exertion whilst paddling

    K2 use not allowed unless in the same household

Membership & Boat Fees       

  • All paddlers must have rejoined as club members before going afloat, and have completed the membership form ·        
  • If you can, please pay 75% of the full fee now, or if money is tight, when you are able to. People who have already paid full fees will get a discount next year. (i.e. first quarter of the years membership fee is waived and the re-joining fee is waived for this year) ·         
  • Pay boat fees in batches of 5 paddles (GBP15) in advance to the club account and avoid cash, if possible


  • Wash hands on entry to the club and before and after paddling and use gloves if possible ·        
  • Use paper towels provided for hand drying, all towels have been removed for hygiene reasons.
  • If you have them use your own BA, paddle and boat
  • If you use a club BA then after use spray with the anti-bacterial/anti-viral spray on the desk          
  • Thoroughly wash your boat and paddle with soapy water, especially the cockpit, seat and surrounds
  • Bring your own towel to dry boats or use a club towel and take it away with you for washing
  • Bring your own drinks and do not use the club glasses and mugs

 Stay well

  • Arrive ready to paddle and avoid using the changing rooms if possible
  • Changing rooms may be used in a restricted manner outlined below:
    • can be used if a member accidentally gets wet and needs to change, or after scheduled rescue practice.
    • only one person at a time in a changing room
    • keep doors and windows open when possible to get fresh air inside
  • After rescue practice, the boathouse may also be used as a changing room; a sign will be put on the door if it is being used for this purpose.
  • Minimise time inside the club-house and always keep 2m from other people ·        
  • If you use the toilet then spray touched surfaces with anti-bacterial spray provided.
  • The Ergo can now be used outside and must be washed down thoroughly with soapy water after each use (not anti-bac products) ·  

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, or are self-isolating, please do not visit the club and inform a committee member immediately


Covid Risk Assessment