Covid 19 Update 25/07/2020.

Members : Following the latest changes to the lockdown rules from the Government and following new advice from British Canoeing the committee have updated some of the rules relating to COVID-19. To keep safe and minimise the risk of infection PLEASE READ and observe the extra precautions via this link .

Non-Members: Due to COVID-19 we are unable to offer more courses this year and so we are only able to accept new members if you have kayaked in open or closed cockpit kayaks (not sit on tops or inflatables) regularly and recently. Please see the Membership page for more details.

Hampton Canoe Club is a social paddling club based on a beautiful part of the Thames at Bell Hill in Hampton. 
With the emphasis on social paddling, groups of paddlers go out every weekend and Wednesday evening on local paddles as well as trips further afield. New members are always welcome and we have regular Improver sessions throughout the main season to support new paddlers. 

Hampton Canoe Club is run by and for its members on an entirely voluntary basis.

Kayaking Courses

Each year we offer a series of Kayaking courses throughout the Spring and Summer for non members. These courses provide you with the essential skills to become a basic adult paddler and is the required minimum standard if you're planning to join the club. You will also receive the British Canoeing Paddle Discover qualification. Please see the courses page for dates.

Improver Sessions

Before joining the club, non-Members can join a number of Improver sessions on completion of one of our courses or assessment by a coach.

Activities and Facilities for Members


Club Equipment

Members can use club boats, buoyancy aids and paddles as many time as they want. The Club has Kayaks of varying stability. We also have a number of Canoes and SUPs.

Courses and Improver Sessions

Courses are arranged from time to time to maintain and develop member's skills. Regular Improver sessions are also held for new members. These are short easy paddles aimed at building confidence and stamina.

Social Paddling

Local paddles generally take place every Wednesday evening and Saturday with impromptu paddles arranged throughout the week between members.

Social Events

Throughout the year we arrange a number of social events including our 'Fun' Regatta, Hare and Hounds race series, Christmas Lunch and Mid-week barbeques


Frequent day trips are arranged to our local waterways along with longer overnight trips to further flung places. We also arrange an Annual holiday - In recent years we have paddled in Minorca, Sardinia, Milos and Croatia

Devizes to Westminster

Although we are not a racing club members of the club do take part in various races such as the Iconic Devizes to Westminster race.

People paddle at their own risk. Canoeing and kayaking are risk sports, involuntary capsizes are routine; other injuries and accidents are possible.



Due to Covid restrictions we are generally unable to accept new members at this time.  See here for membership requirements/costs