Three routes from Walton Bridge and Chertsey lock upstream towards Staines

A few yards upstream from Penton Hook Lock near Staines is the minuscule Truss’s Island, named after a former Clerk of Works with the City Commissioners of the River Thames.


A great range of bird-life congregates at Penton Hook, with its marina, Wildlife Island and surrounding countryside. There are kingfishers, grebes, geese and ducks, and sometimes large flocks of parakeets.
The name “Walton” is Anglo-Saxon in origin and is believed to mean “farm of the Britons” or “Saxon settlement”. Even before the Romans and the Saxons were present, there was a Celtic settlement here.

Route 1 : M3 bridge (near Chertsey lock and bridge) to Staines bridge and return – 6.5 miles. Easy access to the river, 1 portage each way.

Route 2 : Walton Bridge to Penton Hook lock and return, easy parking in the large car park by the bridge – 10.8 miles, 2 portages each way.

Route 3 : Walton Bridge to Staines railway bridge and return – 13.8 miles and 3 portages each way.

If starting from Walton Bridge you have the option of paddling along the Desborough loop or following the channel, perhaps go upstream along the channel and return on the loop.


For Walton Bridge go straight through Sunbury and turn left at the roundabout near the bridge. For the Chertsey lock start continue on past Shepperton and turn right before Chertsey Bridge. Continue until you see the M3 above.

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