Selsey to Pagham Harbour – March 23rd 2019

With Dan, Andrew, Derek, Frank, Peter, John S, Charles, Andy, Norma, Maxine, Michele S, Amanda and Tamra
Advertised as 8 miles but turned out to be 11 miles….maybe we wiggled around the coast a lot more than expected. We departed from the club about 8:30 am…unless you were Dan who set off about an hour earlier as he couldn’t sleep! This was Dan’s second sea kayaking trip as a leader; aided by Andrew and Michele S who are thoroughbred sea kayakers. The weather was mild enough that Frank and Andrew were happy enough to strip down to underpants on Selsey beach…OK they were in the process of getting on dry suits but that ruins the story. Dry suits probably ended up wetter inside than out (sweat, not lack of toilets)Conditions looked to be pretty flat when we set off though there did turn out to be quite a lot of head wind and sea eddy to battle against. We did have a time window to get into the harbour area before high tide and as I was dragging along at the back Derek then Andrew kindly gave me a tow.Just before we entered the harbour things hotted up for me when Andrew released the tow line and yelled “Go, Go, Go!!! Assuming I might have a shark on my tail I promptly parted his company into some turbulent water that saw me disappear several feet momentarily. Happily no sharks and no capsizing for me on this trip. Pagham harbour is supremely quiet…or at least is was until we got there. Not a lot going on there; though there was a pub. We had a picnic lunch a few photos and pee’s in the bushes…then we setoff on our return leg.   Returning was a lot less effort and faster; but that may have been because I then had about 3 people towing me by this stage. Hopefully more of an exercise than an necessity?!  Lots of people got to use ropes and clips on this trip (I’m sure there is an S&M joke to be had there somewhere?) We got back to Selsey all in one piece and still smiling. Only person that was wet was Peter L who threw himself out of his boat as the sea hadn’t. He just can’t help “Loying about!” . Sadly no ice-cream van or beach bar to greet our return; just Franks soggy donuts. Time keeping was pretty bang on we set-off 10:30 am and arrived back 3:40 pm. Back to the club for about 6 pm, sipping a G&T by 7 pm.All good in the world 🙂  Tamra Cave  

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