HCC Regatta, August 2021

A grey Saturday morning saw the the annual regatta take place with the three teams battling it out with various kayak/canoe activities.

After a safety brief from Maxine the teams gathered to get warmed up, much to the amusement of several passers by.

The fun and games were soon in full swing with lots of competitiveness, laughing and joking.

A few of us in the same team succumbed to Old Father Thames and had a little swim, changing our team name from Team Paul to ‘ The Drips’.

Before too long the games had finished and we all paddled back to the club house to put the kayaks and canoes away.

A few of the spectators had headed back earlier  to prepare the BBQ and other delicious food that was on offer.

Prior to us all settling down for a nice well earned BBQ Maxine announced the winners of the competition with Team Drips winning.

The food was plentiful and well cooked and we all enjoyed it.

Thanks must go to all involved in organising the regatta and as the ‘New Kid on the Block’ I’d like to thank you all for the warm welcome and hope to see you all soon on the water.

Safe Paddling


The Canoe Race

The Kayak Race – with canoe paddles!

Thanks to Derek for the photographs. The full set are on facebook.

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