8 mile kayaking trip on the Wey Navigation from the New Inn at Send to Stoke Lock and back.

Seven paddlers, Andy (trip leader), Jenny, Mark, Amanda, Dave, Chris and myself met at the club just before 9am and headed off to the New Inn in Send.

Once we were all ready we climbed down the steep bank into our kayaks and headed off up stream. The first lock we came across was Worsfold Gates which was open, this lock is only closed when the river is in flood. After about 3/4 mile we came to Triggs lock where a few of us practiced our back paddling after finding the bank to be very high. We all went back to the corner where the river re-enters the canal and scrambled up the steep bank, some needing assistance from other paddlers including myself.

Mark and Jenny wait on the water in the sunshine


 A tranquil scene at Triggs lock

After another couple of miles we came to Bowers Lock were the back was very muddy and I nearly capsized by trying to use the water to support me with my hand. Oops! After we had portaged Bowers Lock we continued on until we reached Stoke Lock where we all turned around for the return journey. The river was very busy with lots of narrow boats and we even saw a few other paddlers out in canoes and sit on tops.

At one point we couldn’t continue with our journey because a narrow boat decided to take a corner too sharply and ran his bow up onto a sandbank, many of which have appeared after the winter floods.


 Narrow boat stuck on sandbank

We all safety returned back to the New Inn pub for a nice lunch and a drink before heading back to Bell Hill.

Daniel Bownds