Setting off from Bell Hill by car for a downstream trip from Chertsey bridge – Stephen (trip leader) Sarah, Jenny, Sally, Norma, Andrew, Mark and Dan (canoe) – later meeting up with Charles, Phil and Andy who paddled up stream from the club house.

We got in by Chertsey Bridge. Jenny and I became entangled in a tree on the way to the open water and oops, my boat collided with Jenny’s causing her to capsize… lesson here for me – wait until the coast is clear!

A fast trip down stream was enjoyed. The dark clouds parted and warm sun even cast a upbeat glow over the pylons to our left (OK maybe that’s pushing it a bit).. But the river looked very bright and blue…We soon left the noise of the roads and made good progress along peaceful waters with only a few rowers and one or two cruisers passing by. We met up with Charles and Andy near Shepperton lock. Portage at Shepperton passed without incident and we headed off towards our tea stop at Walton Bridge.

Andrew pointed out a good tip for getting up to the bank in fast flow – to quickly turn around and approach backwards. At the tea break cafe some of us wished we had also turned our boats over once it started to rain… Luckily that was a temporary blip and the rest of the trip was sunny. The large log at Sunbury portage was still blocking part of the entrance.

We collected the cars at 1.30.

All in all a fast and relaxing trip.

Sally Trussler

(Pictures Daniel Bownds and Phil Tauwhare)

Launching at Chertsey bridge

Portaging the lock at Shepperton


Blue skies and fluffy white clouds at Walton as the group prepare to launch after coffee and bacon baps at Walton Bridge

small_2014-03-22 11.43.34
The New Walton bridge is in the distance

small_2014-03-22 11.46.48
Sally is all smiles

small_2014-03-22 11.45.25
Dan and Mark paddling one of the green ‘Canadians’

small_2014-03-22 11.45.35
Andy powers along on the swift current above the bridge

small_2014-03-22 11.46.22
Jenny is all smiles, with go-slow bungee.

small_2014-03-22 11.46.39
Stephen well wrapped up against the windy, wintry conditions

Norma and Dan portaging at Sunbury rollers

Charles in very stylish blue neoprene shorts

Back on the water at Sunbury for the last leg to Bell Hill