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This was my first regatta and to be honest I don’t know why I haven’t been before. There was a decent turnout by members and the weather was overcast but dry.

After ferrying items across the other side Mark and his daughter organised some fun & games. First up was a sprint race around the island and oh boy was it hard work.

Apparently Peter mentioned how professional he looked in the sprint races and what a gentleman he was for letting someone else win!

The final race was won by Gabriella who was presented with a trophy that was hand made by Jeff himself.

Next up was splitting the group into two teams and paddling your team in a canoe to the finish line by whatever method. Team 1 decided to paddle across several times whereas team 2 paddled across twice. The second run had a very full and heavy load which looked very dangerously tippy!

It was a close call at the finish line but eventually team 1 was declared the winners.

The following game involved collecting as many tennis balls by whatever means of paddling. Four in each team with a member on dry land collecting the balls. It was great seeing Mark fall out his kayak as he was throwing the balls back. Barnets team were the winners with 27 tennis balls collected.

Finally the family race which was won by ? and ? and then the rescue session which we had many of our young members volunteering to get wet

After returning across the river with passengers, boats, paddles, chairs, chocolates, water etc the waiting BBQ was being well looked after by Amanda’s husband Paul.

Thank you all who contributed in any way to this years regatta and a big thank you especially to Mark for organising the regatta and to Paul the BBQ chef who did a wonderful job cooking all those burgers and sausages, yummy!

A suggestion for next year was that we should have separate races for men & women; that would give men a chance of being fastest!