Hampton Canoe Club AGM 2014

The Annual General Meeting of the Hampton Canoe Club was held on
Friday 7th November at the Greenwood Centre, School Road, Hampton
Hill. Starting promptly at 7:30pm under the chairmanship of Andrew
Wallace and with other members of the committee and club numbering
about thirty, the minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

The Chairman’s report summed up a generally successful year with an
increase in actual ‘touring’ and an increase in membership maintained
at a slightly higher level than last year. A successful “Come and Try
it” day had gone smoothly, partly due to pre booked time slots
introduced for this event.

The Treasurer’s report was presented by the outgoing Chairman as the
Treasurer was unable to attend on the night. It showed a healthy
balance with increased revenue from subs and boat usage. Outgoings on
boat modifications and clubhouse electrical maintenance had resulted
in a deficit over last year of just over £900. The Treasurer’s
recommendation that rack fees be increased by £10 per annum over the
next two years, a total of £20, provoked some discussion. In
particular it was thought that the increase would erode the
differential between using the club boats and owning and keeping a
boat at the club. It would provide little incentive for members to own
their own boats.

On the Coaching front Emily reported that various courses and
individual coaching had been run throughout the year with the result
that a number of new one star paddlers had joined the club. The number
of new members made up a slight increase in membership even after the
loss of those who had not renewed. Discussion followed on how to
increase the percentage of newly qualified one star paddlers to join
the club and how to retain existing and new members. But this also
begged the question regarding how many more members the club could
cope with given its existing facilities and organisation.

Phil reported that the new website had been very successful and had
received in excess of 26 thousand hits from all over the world since
its inception earlier this year. Approximately 20 thousand of those
were (allegedly) from one member locally, who shall remain nameless,
but Phil knew who he was and where he lived.

Unfortunately the club loses both Andrew as chairman and Adam as
secretary this year. Also former secretary Babs is standing down as a
committee member. Andrew received the thanks and appreciation of the
club for his long standing contribution of nine years to the job. The
newly vacant positions have attracted only one volunteer each to take
over. Emily takes over as Chairwoman (***), Sarah Potter as Secretary
and Daniel Bownds as committee member. All were unopposed.

In “Any Other Business” the availability of club kit was discussed and
the difficulty of obtaining suitable material for its manufacture in
the correct sky-blue colour. It was suggested that the club should
consider changing its club colour to something available and while we
are at it, something less effete. A pair of colours was suggested
which would also help to avoid being mistaken for the Cambridge rowing
eight. This matter was put into the pending tray while we establish
what the colours are of other local clubs.

The meeting was wound up after just over an hour at 8:30pm

Dave Kew
***. Chairwoman: if anyone thinks I’m going to refer to Emily as the
’chair’ they’ve got another thing coming!