Lockdown : Cardboard Boat Challenge, April 2020

With paddling off limits for most of us we looked elsewhere for entertainment. Every year the club does a cardboard boat challenge with prizes for speed, length of staying afloat etc. This challenge was much the same only instead of supporting a person the boat had to float supporting the equivalent in weight to a bag of sugar. 

The launch was live on zoom with the participants and spectators voting for their favourite. The basic challenge turned out to not be much of a challenge with all boats floating easily, although nobody managed to get extra points by launching their boat with a pet onboard although Tamra did try. 

Tamra was the overall winner with HMS Covid. A very stylish number with a Monkey on board. Rick was just one point behind with a very robust boat and painted on passengers. 

Maxine and John with Flower of Scotland came joint third with Maxine winning the prize for least/no effort made with her cardboard shoe box.

Ainle got points despite being disqualified for his bending of the rules with his tiny boat and packet of sugar. 

Jana’s boat initially sank but on relaunch it floated and took the prize for the best name with Cardship Enterprise.

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