The HCC Hare & Hounds is a fun and friendly competition set over a series of five races during the summer months. 
It is a classic ‘hare & hounds’ set up, with slower paddlers starting first and fastest paddlers going last, with the aim that everyone finishes at a similar time. The course is 3.5 miles. 
In previous years you had to complete a certain number of races in the same vessel in order to qualify for a prize. However, the rules have now changed so that members are encouraged to try different boats. From this year, you only need to compete once in a category in order to qualify, which gives competitors the chance to try out a whole range of skills!
The categories are as follows:
  • Senior Women K1
  • Senior Men K1
  • Veteran(over 50) Women K1
  • Veteran(over 50) Men K1
  • Women K2
  • Men K2
  • Mixed K2
  • Junior/Adult K2
  • Women C1
  • Men C1
  • Women C2
  • Men C2
  • Mixed C2
  • Junior/Adult C2
  • Women SUP
  • Men SUP
  • Additional award for most improved time (in the same boat)
Please register half an hour before the race start in order to be given your time. Initially this will be based on your estimation of how long it will take you to complete the course. Subsequently it will be based on your fastest finish time (providing you are in the same boat).
There will be a safety briefing before the start of every race.
If you see another paddler in distress during your race, please assist them!
Entry to the competition is free, but only open to club members. 
If you are not taking part, consider volunteering as a time keeper or start/finish assistant (to help people launch and get out at the end).

Results 2019 – Revised

The course (updated/shortened July 2020)

Note: the map still shows the old course. It is correct apart from the final return around the sailing club as now the course heads straight from the chalet boat to the club.


Start / Finish line is the small tree on the river bank near the club pontoon.

1. Paddle upstream leaving the sailing club to the right.

2. Leave Platts Eyot to your LEFT going past the LEH/Hampton School boat club

3. Pass Aquarius sailing club

4. Turn in round the back of the first small island (Kingfisher Island) 

5. Paddle up the back of the island looking out for any fishermen on the first corner

6. Head across the river with care and go downstream

7. Keeping by the river bank continue downstream leaving Platts Eyot on your LEFT

8. Continue past the club staying inshore of Garricks Ait.

9. Continue to the little island (Swan Island) above Taggs island and turn back upstream and across the river to touch the chalet boat with your paddle and thence head back towards the club.

10. The finish line is by the tree and bench in the car park, same as the start line. (up to 2019 the course continued around the sailing club but was shortened in 2020).