Congratulations to the eight Hamptoneers who took part in the Devizes to Westminster race this year.

Tony and Richard in the overnight straight through race who competed in a C2, making the first tide and finishing in a very fast 30:16.

Peter and Mike finished less than three minutes apart in 7th and 8th place in the over 50’s singles class. Their times were 21:20:39 and 21:23:14

Jenny finished her first DW in a very respectable 26:56:21, and Barnet in 26:55:38. Dan & John in the K2 Endeavour class came in 28:48:07

This page is a pictorial record – there will be a more detailed account to follow….

Friday (Devizes to Newbury)

group1Jenny, Dan, Barnet, all smiles in Devizes

group2Jenny, Peter, Mike, Barnet, the K1 paddlers at the start in Devizes

group3Barnet, Mike, Jenny, Peter
IMG-20170414-WA0010Jenny, all smiles!

IMG-20170414-WA0009Peter Loy in club viper

IMG-20170414-WA0008Barnet portaging on the Kennet and Avon

IMG-20170414-WA0006Peter gets a kit check

IMG-20170414-WA0003Barnet and Jenny

IMG-20170414-WA0002Norma on support refueling Barnet and Jenny

Saturday (Newbury to Marlow) + start of the overnight race for Tony and Peter

IMG-20170415-WA0001Tony and Peter at Devizes, ready for their race

2017-04-15 17.48.32

Tony, Richard and their support crew at Aldermaston

IMAG1469Tony and Richard leaving Aldermaston wharf

2017-04-15 17.51.26

Heading off with the sun setting behind them

IMG-20170415-WA0004Mike gets a drink from Dan and Derek

IMG-20170415-WA0005Peter arriving at Dreadnought reach (Reading)

IMG-20170415-WA0012Jenny portaging at Reading

IMG-20170415-WA0007Barnet portaging in Reading

IMG-20170415-WA0008Jenny gets a drink at Reading

IMG-20170415-WA0009Dan, Jenny and Barnet

IMG-20170415-WA0016Jenny and Barnet happy to have arrived at Marlow

IMG-20170415-WA0017Jenny with Derek at Marlow

IMG-20170415-WA0018Dan and John arrive at Marlow in the Rorqual

Sunday (Marlow to Teddington)

2017-04-16 08.22.58Tony and Richard approaching Molesey lock (Sunday morning)

2017-04-16 08.24.12

Tony and Richard at Molesey lock, Sunday morning

2017-04-16 08.30.39

Tony and Richard going under Hampton Court bridge

2017-04-16 11.53.49Dan and John leave Penton Hook lock

2017-04-16 11.35.09Peter having a break at Penton Hook

2017-04-16 11.22.14

Mike at Penton Hook

2017-04-16 11.36.57

Barnet underway again after a quick snack at Penton Hook

2017-04-16 11.37.01

Jenny leaving Penton Hook – still smiling!

… pictures coming soon