Club Re-opens 14th May

Following the easing of the lockdown rules and the lifting of some of the restrictions on paddle-sport in England the committee have decided the club can open for paddling from Thursday 14th May 2020. 

PLEASE READ and observe these extra precautions to keep safe and minimise the risk of infection:

Paddle safely and locally

·         Paddling safety is important so don’t start paddling on your own if you have not previously paddled solo.  Only competent and experienced paddlers should be on the water independently.

·         Paddle locally, from the club, do not take boats away from the club

·         Please follow the government rules that you may only exercise with one other person outside your household, or with members of your own household

·         Try and paddle at various times throughout the day to avoid any congestion at the club


·         All paddlers must have rejoined as club members before going afloat (Charles sent out email in March about rejoining (membershipsechcc) so check that for details)

·         If you can, please pay 75% of the full fee now, or if money is tight, when you are able to. People who have already paid full fees will get a discount next year. (i.e. first quarter of the years membership fee is waived and the rejoining fee is waived for this year)

·         Pay boat fees in batches of 5 paddles (GBP15) in advance to the club account and avoid cash, if possible


·         Wash hands on entry to the club and before and after paddling and use gloves if possible

·         Use paper towels provided for hand drying, all towels have been removed for hygiene reasons.

·         If you have them use your own BA, paddle and boat

·         If you use a club BA then after use spray with the anti-bacterial/anti-viral spray on the desk

·         Thoroughly wash your boat and paddle with soapy water, especially the cockpit, seat and surrounds

·         Bring your own towel to dry boats or use a club towel and take it away with you for washing

·         Bring your own drinks and do not use the club glasses and mugs

 Stay well

·         Minimise time inside the club-house and always keep 2m from other people

·         Try to arrive ready to paddle but if you need to use the changing rooms then one person at a time in a changing room 

·         If you use the toilet then spray the toilet and basin with the anti-bac spray (arriving early next week)

·         If you visit the club and subsequently experience any symptoms please let the committee know

·         If you have any symptoms, or are self-isolating, please do not visit the club


The British Canoeing announcement also includes:


Further advice for clubs and all club activity:  This stage of return to paddling only allows households to paddle together or for up to 2 paddlers who are not from the same household to paddle together. Clubs facilities should remain closed and there should be no group paddling or club activity at this time. More information about the re-opening of clubs and centres will be shared as it becomes available.”


We interpret that to mean clubs that only operate with group paddling are closed and facilities like bars, and cafes should not open. We think that using club boats for 2 people or a family paddling is permitted. And the club is following the Sports England guidance that “Any facilities associated with outdoor sports and physical activities are permitted to reopen from Wednesday 13 May, if those responsible for them feel ready to do so and if they can do so safely, and in line with this and related public health guidance.” and that equipment can be shared if strong hygiene measures are enforced.


Happy and Safe Paddling

 HCC Committee Hampton Canoe Club       


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