Autumn River Cleanup, Oct 2019

“Up the Thames, Down the Thames, Wombling free, the Wombles of Hampton Canoe Club are we!”

After threatening rain and fast flows all week, the weather and water were kind to the HCC Water Wombles tackling trash on the Thames on Saturday 26 October. The wind had other ideas with a “moderate/fresh breeze” but we still had a great turnout.

Armed with latex gloves, bin bags and litter pickers and fired up on a promise of tea and homemade cake at the end, the 12 intrepid explorers headed out in a mixture of canoes and sea kayaks after the all important safety briefing!

Amanda F, Lewis, Jill, Jana, Kathy, Maxine, Amanda G, Jenny John, Michele and Paul L, Chris B and Heidi headed downstream first, tackling everything in their path. Deflated inflatables, large strips of plastic boat (?) and suitcases were no match for the determined paddlers who took canoes in places they had never been before and loaded kayaks so high, they could barely see where they were going. As you can see from the pictures, a huge amount of rubbish was collected and removed from our beautiful stretch of river. Too many lighters and bottles to mention, a washing up rack, a sack of beans and a hoover pipe as well as a pair of shoes – each shoe found by a different paddler!

Everything needed a good clean after lugging that haul in – so once boats, paddles and paddlers were washed and dried, we gathered in the club house for hot drinks and Jill’s amazing cake.

Thanks to everyone involved with special thanks to Mandy F who supplied the much needed gloves and bags and Jill for the wonderful cake.


Pictures from the day from Jenny. (Click on image to show all as a slideshow)

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