Last Sunday 29 October, a sturdy crew of HCC members turned up for the autumn clean-up. Some might suggest they were enticed by the offer of biscuits, but I’m sure it was pure dedication to the cause…

At 10am Jenny had upped the game by producing an array of delicious Paninis for the early volunteers – you know your Club is in Surrey when you are given the option of hummus and peppers. What a way to kick off our chores!

Dan and I had compiled a ruthless task list so I set people to work, and very soon we had a truck full of rubbish to go to the tip. We moved a lot of items to the toilet block as they are infrequently used, so now we have a much clearer, open space in the Clubhouse which will mean manoeuvring boats will be much easier.

A big thank you to:
• Ashley
• Frank
• Jenny
• John T
• Norma
• Paul D
• Peter McB
• Peter L
• Val
• With special mention to Richard Fisher for putting up the towel rail in the toilet block – who’d have thought it would make such an impact!

Thanks in advance to Leon and Andrew, who will be chopping back some of the vegetation at a later date.


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