These are gentle trips for new members and are useful for gaining experience, confidence and stamina, meeting other club members and seeing how the club works.  All new members must attend a minimum of 3 Improver sessions before doing any other paddling with the club. 

We aim to run these Improver sessions from April to October or November if the weather and flow are reasonable. They may not be every week but tend to be on either a Saturday or Sunday or a Wednesday evening. These sessions are run by volunteer trip leaders according to their availability; coaches occasionally attend.

The sessions are usually about three to five miles in all, depending on who is attending and on weather and river conditions etc.

The only fee for these sessions is the £3 boat fee.  

People who have completed an assessment need to join the club before they can do an Improvers. 

We would recommend that after completing the Hampton Paddler course, you attend 2 Improver sessions within 6 weeks. Once you have graduated from an Improver, you must become a British Canoeing “On the Water” member to be insured to paddle. This is a requirement for membership in Hampton Canoe Club

Go to: https://www.britishcanoeing.org.uk/membership/join-us-online-here

British Canoeing On the Water annual membership is £45 and is paid directly to them.

Improver’s sessions are announced via email, and pre-booking is required; let the Trip Leader know your mobile number in case last-minute changes have to be made. This also enables the Trip Leader to match the trip planned with the strength of the paddlers.

Established members may also join an Improver session. This would be at the discretion of the Improver’s session leader.

Risk Assessment