Hampton Canoe Club has won the Strand Award for canoe touring many times over the last 20 years. This award originated with the British Canoe Union and is awarded to the club whose members report the most miles paddled during a calendar year. Every mile paddled by a club member and reported in a logbook counts towards the award.

The Strand Award also provides individual awards for paddlers who have paddled long distances during the year: 500 miles brings a gold award, while silver and bronze awards are attained at 250 miles and 100 miles respectively. There are lifetime awards for reaching 1000 miles (bronze), 2500 miles (silver), 5000 miles (gold) and 15,000 miles (platinum). Hampton CC has two members with platinum awards.

Canoe England launched its Winter Challenge in 2013, which covered the last three months of the year. The Strand Award continues, and Canoe England will be looking at these touring awards later this year.

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