New Haw to the New Inn (looking back to Dec 2014)


Just three Hamptoneers (Christine, Stuart, Phil) enjoyed a paddle on the mostly tranquil waters of the Wey Navigation from New Haw to The New Inn at Send on Saturday (13.12.2014). Dan got a ride but paddled off in the other direction towards Bell Hill!

We paddled south in bright sunshine, past the turnoff to the Basingstoke canal and the grafitti covered pillars holding up the M25 and the roaring traffic high above us. At this point you tend to put your head down and paddle hard to get away from the noise and back to the peace and quiet and greenery of the canal proper. The route winds back and forth until rounding a corner the Anchor pub and Pyrford lock appear. We continued past the moored narrow boats to Walsham gates which were open. Beyond the gates the current picked up so we kept to the right bank away from the weir and headed against the flow to Newark lock.

2014-12-13 12.31.26

Above the lock we could see the remains of the old Newark abbey in the meadows beyond. Once beyond Papercourt lock we were off the old river and back onto the Navigation proper so no flow to worry about. The New Inn soon hove into sight in the sunshine and we stopped for a welcome cup of coffee and chocolate bar.

2014-12-13 12.20.20

Refreshed, we headed back downstream and with the current now in our favour and the sun warming our backs we had a very swift paddle back to the Anchor pub for a quick lunch sitting in the sunshine.

As we approach the winter solstice the early afternoon sun was already dropping down below the tree line, leaving much of the canal in deep shade. It was 13 miles in all back to New Haw where we arrived at 2.30pm and soon had the boats back on roof-racks for the quick return trip to Bell Hill. Thanks to all for a very pleasant day out.



Xmas Lunch 2014


About 20 Hamptoneers made their way by bike, car, bus, canoe and kayak to the Magpie in Sunbury to start their Xmas celebrations with a very convivial club lunch in the upstairs room overlooking the river. Thanks to Emily for organising. More photos coming soon or see Kathryn’s pictures on here flikr page (see her email for details)

Chertsey to Runnymede

Another look back to a trip from November last year.

Allow me to set the scene: Bernard and Ivy were the first to arrive, having been up since dawn, doing an excellent job of discouraging any fishermen who might be tempted to purloin one of the few remaining parking places. There was dependable Dave Kew, with his camera at the ready; Chris as keen as ever to get as many miles under her belt before darkness descended; the ever-efficient Jenny in the orange Hobby; and Amanda, temporarily liberated from her all-male household, relishing the prospect of breaking in a brand new Tercel….. read Charles’ full account of the trip and local history here


River Closures

WhenSaturday 22nd November 2014 – 10:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 15:00
Where: Between Molesey and Teddington Locks – Hampton Court Bridge to the Head of Trowlock Island
Event: Teddington Small Boats Head

When:   Saturday 29 November 2014 – 09:30 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 16:00
Where:  Sunbury Lock to Benns Island (downstream of Platt’s Eyot, Hampton)
Event:   Hampton Small Boats Head

See the restrictions summary page for full details on closures/restrictions etc

Walton Bridge to Penton Hook

Walton Bridge to Penton Hook Lock [November 1st]

It started slowly but by the end of the week thirteen Hamptoneers had signed-up for the twelve mile return journey from Walton Bridge to Penton Hook Lock.

We set-off promptly from the Club and duly assembled at the river bank, opposite the Cowey Sale car park, at 10.15 for a mass getaway upstream.  Tony and Adam, accompanied by Peter, were in DW training mode and raced ahead in their K2. The rest of the group were content to paddle at the usual leisurely Hampton pace whilst simultaneously holding lofty or, as the case might be, not-so-lofty conversations with a variety of kayaking partners. Isn’t this what touring at the Club is all about?  Bernard and Ivy kept pace in their Canadian Canoe and remain an inspiration to us all. How can they paddle that thing so quickly? The weather defied the forecasters and the day seemed more Spring than Autumn. Certainly no-one expected to regret not bringing sunblock.

Shepperton and Chertsey Locks; water meadows with long-haired cattle; a beautiful eighteenth century bridge; the village of Laleham and finally a quick stop and a snack at Penton Hook before the return trip. Finally safe and sound at Walton, apart from Mark who was nursing a back injury and left us early on, we loaded boats on cars and adjourned to the Snack Bar to join Carol, Babs and Jeff who had arranged to meet us for lunch. A total of sixteen Hamptoneers enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company and the delights of the Thames.

Remigando Liberare

Andy Garbett

Dave Kew took a few photos….

DSCF1162 DSCF1165 DSCF1167

AGM 2014

The Annual General Meeting of the Club was held on Friday 7th November at the Greenwood Centre in Hampton Hill. Starting promptly at 7:30pm under the chairmanship of Andrew Wallace and with other members of the committee and club numbering about thirty, the minutes of the previous meeting were accepted… read the full report from the link on the members page

A Grand Union Day Out

Saturday 8th November 2014

5 kayakers and 2 canoeists took to the tranquil waters of the Grand Union canal, paddling under leaden skies from the Grand Junction arms near Bulls bridge and the start of the Paddington branch of the canal up to Uxbridge lock with a brief stop at the bistro at Cowley lock. The canoeists (Ivy and Bernard) did not feel that 13 miles was far enough so tacked on an extra 12 miles to paddle from their home to join the trip and back again! Full trip report now available from the trip reports page.

small_DSC05297 small_DSC05299 small_DSC05308