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Are you up for a fun challenge to take part in on the river this summer?

Some friendly competition is great to help motivate you to improve your paddle technique and fitness and to get to know your fellow club members.

This is a series of 5 fun and friendly races held during the summer, on Wednesday evenings and at the weekend. 2016 is the inaugural year and only open to club members.

Paddlers start according to their expected finish time so that slower paddlers start first and the fastest paddlers last. With the aim that everyone finishes at a similar time.

Entry fee : Free

If you are interested in taking part or helping out marshalling or in a shore based role or have any other queries let me know by clicking here.

2017 race results races 1 & 2

2016 race results here

2016 posts  #3   #4   #5

2016 pictures race   #4   #5

The course :


Start / Finish line is the small tree on the river bank near the club pontoon.

1. Paddle upstream leaving the sailing club to the right.

2. Leave Platts Eyot to your LEFT going past the LEH/Hampton School boat club

3. Pass Aquarius sailing club

4. Turn in round the back of the first small island (Kingfisher Island) 

5. Paddle up the back of the island looking out for any fishermen on the first corner

6. Head across the river with care and go downstream

7. Keeping by the river bank continue downstream leaving Platts Eyot on your LEFT

8. Continue past the club staying inshore of Garricks Ait.

9. Continue to the little island (Swan Island) above Taggs island and turn back up stream to the right bank and head towards the club. 

10. Continue past the club, keeping out from the bank to avoid boats finishing and go round the sailing club, leaving the island on your RIGHT

11. Turn around the sailing club island to come back downstream inshore to the finish line by the tree.

12. Get out at the pontoon immediately to avoid getting tangled up with boats still finishing.

This is distance of 3.5 miles which should take most people 30-40 mins.

This route gives you a chance to see everyone else going up and downstream.

Open to members and all sorts of boats, canoes, SUP’s, K2s, K1s etc – the staggered start means everyone should finish quite close together which is more exciting when you have K2’s and C2’s together.

Prizes – to qualify you need to enter at least 3 races. K1’s – male, female, veteran male, veteran female, most improved time.

Volunteers needed:

1. Lead boat / downstream marshall to lead  the first boat up the course and then back down to the downstream turning point. Remain there to ensure all boats turn back upstream safely.

2. Upstream turn marshall, also leaving with the lead boat but waiting at the upstream turn point to ensure everyone crosses the river to head downstream safely, until the final boat passes to ensure that all competitors are accounted for.

3. Timer / marker to note numbers/names, start and finish times.

4. Start/finish assistant : to ensure people are launched and at the start line on time and to help  people at the finish.

Dates and times

Wed 14 June   :   6:45pm

Wed 5 July      :   6:45pm

Wed  26 July   :   6:45pm

Further dates to be announced

Please register half an hour before the time given above to get your start time. Initially this will
be based on your honest guess at your time to do 3.5 miles. Subsequently it will be based on your fastest finish time. There will be a safety briefing before the start of every race.

Why not find a friend who would like to go out in a K2 or C2 and get some practice in now? Or get out in your favourite K1?


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