Courses – 2017

Part of Hampton canoe clubs mission is to introduce new paddlers to the delights of kayaking and canoeing, and to ensure that people paddle safely and competently. Our objective is that new members achieve British Canoe Union qualifications that will allow them to paddle when and where they like on placid waters. We run a range of courses for adults and children. Adult courses are listed below. We are not currently offering children’s courses.


One Star BCU course

This is a British Canoe Union course designed to provide you with the essential skills needed to become a basic adult paddler. It is a recognised paddling qualification and is the required standard if you’re planning to join our club tours.

Calendar of course dates

Qualified, experienced coaches will be on hand to explain and demonstrate the basics of paddling.

Each course is intended to give you the training and experience needed to reach British Canoeing’s One Star standard. By the end of the course, you will have been assessed and those meeting the standard will be awarded One Star certificates.

The courses are run over either two days or one intensive day. The content is the same and both courses have an equal amount of time on the water but using the different time frames allows us to accommodate different fitness levels, speed of learning and also people’s busy schedules!

Each course will start with a welcome briefing to explain our plans for the course; the do’s and don’ts of paddling on the Thames; and selecting and adjusting your equipment. Then we’ll go afloat, explaining the best way to do that, and cover the basic techniques of handling a kayak effectively and efficiently. We will also cover rescue techniques – how to rescue a pal, and how to rescue yourself.

We will provide each learner with a kayak, paddle and buoyancy aid. Paddlers are expected to be able to swim 50 metres in the clothes they are wearing.

Course fee is £95 for one day courses and £120 for two day courses, payable by direct bank transfer. Cash also accepted. Sorry, we don’t accept American Express or other bank cards.

For 1* courses please contact Derek Heath

There will be more course dates later in the year dependent on demand.

Two Star BCU course

This is a perfect course for any paddler wanting to broaden their knowledge, and techniques for both kayak and canoe. It is also the minimum level for any paddlers wishing to start out as a coach.

The course is designed to develop existing BCU 1 star skills as well as introducing some new techniques all on flat water. The course will enhance the understanding of how the body, boat, blade and water interact. The skills learnt are transferred between boats as the award is in BOTH canoe and kayak.

The course has been designed to allow approximately 5 weeks between training and assessment so as to provide time for you to consolidate your skills before assessment. If you felt that you did not need the training then you can book in for the assessment only.

Training Dates for 2017

  1.  TBC

Assessment Dates for 2017

  1. TBC


So come along and explore Hampton’s beautiful stretch of the River Thames!