Club Rules and Guidance for Members

Please read attached additional rules under COVID updated 25th July


There is a defibrillator on the outside of the ferry building. To use it, call the phone number on the green box it is in and you will then be provided with the keypad code to unlock it.  The defibrillator itself will talk you through how to use it.

Incident Log

A green A5 book that is kept in the top drawer at the club has been turned into an incident log, so the committee can be aware of how many incidents members are involved in. Please do add any incidents you are involved in, such as near misses or hits with rowing boats, fishing boats, injuries etc.

Boat Care
Our boats are expensive and fragile so please look after them.

When getting in our out of a kayak remember to place one hand flat on the pontoon (or the concrete when outside the clubhouse) and one on the front of the cockpit. The cockpit edge cannot take any weight and it is easy to break a boat if any force is applied. Do not use the cockpit edge to lower yourself into a boat or lever yourself out.

Never place a boat where the rudder comes into contact with the ground and especially do not sit in a boat unless the rudder and fin are clear of the ground. The rudders are easily bent and damaged if placed directly onto the ground.

Signing in and out

Please remember to sign in and out so we can track who is out on the water in the case of an emergency and also how often different boats are used.

Remember also to pay your £3 boat fees if you haven’t pre-paid for unlimited boat use.

Key To The Boatshed

Club members that request a key can receive one when coaches and/or trip leaders have assessed they are competent enough. As an indication, new members who have completed the Hampton Paddler would be expected to do about 3 improver sessions before they receive a key.

Taking guests out

Guest fees are £10 for an adult and £5 for a child.

Guest also need to be signed in and out.

Each guest is limited to going out on 4 occasions due to insurance limitations. Eg Jane Bloggs can only go out 4 times, in her lifetime, without being a member.

Stand up Paddle Boards (SUPs)

You are now required to have completed a training session by an outside service provider before taking a SUP out. 
If you are interested in training at approximately £20 for a 3 hour session please contact Neil Bond 
The next club training session will be in Spring 2021.

Using Boats Longer for 2 or More Days

If club members want to use a club boat for 2 or more days for a private trip, in advance of the trip email the committee with all of the details for their consideration

Paddling after dark

Paddling after dark can be a great experience on a calm night; with the reflections of boat and street lights it can be very tranquil. But there are a few precautions needed:

1. Put a white light fore and aft on your boat so that other boats can see you, (put them in a small clear bag if not waterproof). A head torch or light on your buoyancy aid is also very useful as the light is higher above the water and if you fall in you’re easier to spot.
2. Wear reflective clothing and/or light coloured clothing.  Reflective strips on your paddle are also good to catch attention.
3. Keep an extra sharp lookout for rowing boats which can be travelling very fast and their light is very low down so not always easy to see.

  1. Buoyancy aids must be worn.
    5. Go out with a partner so you can keep an eye on each other in case either gets into difficulty.


Paddling in the colder weather
1. If you’re unsure of your abilities, or the river conditions, paddle with a more experienced member.
2. Wear layers of quick drying clothes, a waterproof top and a warm hat.
3. Carry a change of clothes with you in a dry bag.
4. Consider buying rubber paddling boots and gloves (members have a 10% discount at Whitewater Canoes in Shepperton Marina).

  1. Buoyancy aids must be worn.
    5. Before setting off check the weather forecast.

Boat reservations

Boats are available on a first come – first served basis.

The only exceptions are:

  1. A coach or trip leader can reserve boats for a coaching session or a trip which requires canoes or specific boats.
  2. Club members in training for the DW, or a race, that need to train in the boat they will race in.

Gate on the car park

The key to the car park after the gate (the Hard) hangs in the clubhouse below the toilet key.

Please be aware that the Council conditions for parking on the Hard include that we will not park there overnight, and will only park there when it is essential for club activities.

Guide to our Boats

Private rack space regulations:

1. The spaces work on a first-come, first-serve basis to paying members of HCC

2. Racks very rarely become available, so please do not be disappointed if you cannot get a space

3. Rack space costs £45 per year, a figure that will be reviewed annually

4. If you no longer need your space, please contact the Rack Manager to remove your name from the list

5. When a space becomes available, the Rack Manager will inform the committee and the first person on the list will be contacted to see if they are still interested. If they are, they must pay immediately and take the space within 12 weeks

6. If the person does not want/cannot take the space within 12 weeks, then they will fall to the bottom of the list and the next person in line will be offered the rack – so on and so forth

7. People on the waiting list cannot swap their position on the list with others  

8. Members may only have one space per person

9. If a member sells their boat which is racked at the club to another member, the rack space does not come with the boat  

10. We encourage those wanting rack space to be paddlers who regularly paddle with other members, as it is unfair to other HCC members if someone is taking advantage and using the space as cheap storage.

11. Hampton Canoe Club will endeavour to contact private boat owners but boats for which rack fees are outstanding for 12 months will become club property and may be used as club boats or sold

Please contact Anne-Lise Christmas if you have any questions, or would like to be added to the rack space list.