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Shepperton to Teddington – NO stream warning -updated


Yellow stream warning boards are on display at many lock sites in the middle and lower regions of the Thames. Stream conditions remain steady and are expected to decline over the week, although the river remains sensitive to further rainfall.

Occasional isolated showers are expected throughout the weekend.

Environment Agency

Thames back to normal


River flows and levels continue to decrease along the length of the river. The river now has no red boards displayed and many sites now have no stream warnings. The upcoming week is forecast to be fine with occasional showers.


26.04.14 Caution Strong Stream + Wey in flood


Take care on the river – the flow has increased dramatically over the last 24 hours, in Kingston the flow today is 150m3/s, double that of yesterday. Stay up to date with stream warnings on the Thames Conditions page

Following recent significant rainfall river flows and levels are rising. Yellow boards are being displayed throughout the River Thames and some red boards are being displayed. The outlook is for further rain over the next few days and we anticipate further red boards being displayed.



Godalming Wharf to Thames Lock – all river sections of the navigations are in flood, dangerous conditions to navigation exist and it is not safe to proceed along the waterway at this time.

You can also check the latest river conditions by calling Thames Lock 01932 843106 or the Navigations Office 01483 561389(recorded message not updated at weekends).

15.03.2014 stream decreasing


First time this year the Sunbury reach of the Thames has not been on red boards which went up on 21 Dec 2013. There is still a significant flow where the river is squeezed between islands or bridge parapets – take care!