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Sunny day for a swim


Flow on the Thames is still fierce, 50 mins up to Sunbury lock at a steady 2.5knots, about 20mins on the return plus time for Rich’s impromptu swim, reached max of 8.5 knots near the Louisiana. Rich was well prepared though with towel, spare dry thermal baselayer and fleece and spectacle retainer.

River levels – Thursday 13th Feb 2014

When river levels are really high, and the red boards are out for the Thames nearby, the actual levels of the river at Bell Hill can be inferred by looking at the water levels recorded just downstream of Sunbury Lock. When the level there is 4.95 m, the car park at Bell Hill is probably all under water; when the level is 5.04 m which was the peak reached on Monday 10th February , the canoe drying area in front of the clubhouse is probably under water as well. Paddling on a canal is a good idea at these times!

The level on Thursday 13th February at midday was 4.94m

See the environment agency river levels page here : Sunbury lock river levels

The forecast for flooding at Bell Hill over the next day or two is in the middle of this page.

The Wey conditions page is here.  Call Thames Lock 01932 843106 for the most up to date information on the canal parts of the Wey.

Note for drivers :- the direct route from Sunbury to Walton Bridge (Fordingbridge road) is impassable, you need to turn right in Sunbury along the Halliford road to avoid the flooding. The route from Walton bridge along the river to Weybridge is also under water. Chertsey bridge is closed as are many other roads in the area.

Flood preparations completed

As the national news is saturated with terrible stories of flooded homes, businesses and farms, the Thames in Hampton has risen to within 6 inches of flooding the club house. A hardy band of volunteers in wellies turned out yesterday to tackle the job of flood proofing the club. The main jobs were to get everything up off the floor by at least a foot, including the fridge which is now sitting precariously on a canoe stand. The chest of drawers is in the ladies changing rooms and the lower canoes and kayaks all moved up higher or out to temporary lodgings in Kathryn’s garden. Just the green canoes remain for now but they would need to be moved out if they started to float up and put pressure on the racks above.

Thanks to Andrew, Adam, Phil, Clive, Val and Lesley for their hard work.