Devizes to Westminster Canoe Marathon

DW 2015 race pictures – work in progress

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Adam Findlay and Tony Leworthy , Easter 2015


Daniel Bownds and Barnet Heeley, Easter 2015

Participants from Westel and Hampton Canoe Club

Team paddlers (i.e. K2, possibly C2)

1978 Margaret and Phillip Jackson
1979 Jeff Simmons and Phillip Jackson
1979 Frank Stevenson and Geoff Nichol
1979 Tony and Liz Segal
1981 Gerry Hicks and Dave Hoyle
1981 Frank and Jan Stevenson
1984 Phillip Newton and Keith Stockwell
1984 Martin Norman and Barry Bashford
1984 Peter Yea and Andy Duddigan
1985 Dave Wedd and Walther Waagmeester
1985 Carl Forbes and Mick Evans
1986 Martin Norman and Mike Joyce
1986 Robin Cooke and Walther Waagmeester
1987 Ian and Phillip Shortman
1988 Peter Yea and Dave Eckert
1989 Phillip Shortman and Patrick West
1991 Will Horgan and Charles Griffiths
1994 Eric Flint and Marc Woodhouse

And, paddling for Hampton Canoe Club

2013   Andrew Wallace and Richard Bate


K2 – Andrew Wallace and Barnet Heeley
K2 – Sam Adams and Will Pope
C2 – Emily Morris and Aidan Harding


K2 – Tony Leworthy and Adam Findlay
C2 – Daniel Bownds and Barnet Heeley


C2 – Tony Leworthy and Richard Fisher

K2 – Dan Taylor and John Whitwam (Endeavour classs)


Solo paddlers (all K1)

1985 Mike Joyce
1986 Dave Wedd
1990 Peter Yea
1992 Matt Sansum
1992 Angie Rymer
1992 Peter Yea
1999 Steve Paddock
2002 Mike Channon
2003 Mike Channon

2012   Andrew Wallace, Barnet Heeley and Emily Morris

2017   Jenny John Chuan, Barnet Heeley, Mike Channon, Peter Loy