Basingstoke canal – Blue Green Algae Levels Reducing

Blue Green Algae Levels Reducing

We have been monitoring the blue green algae over the last few days and have noted that it has reduced considerably in density within the water. Unpowered boats are now allowed to use the full canal again. there is however still blue green algae present from Aldershot through to Odiham and everyone should take basic precautions.

General Precautions

Wash hands if you come into contact with canal water.

Canoes and kayaks – do not carry out rolling practice or any activities that will purposely put you under/in the water. If you capsize accidentally try not to swallow water. Shower and wash clothing as soon as possible. The algae can irritate skin particularly if it is trapped between skin and clothing. If you find any green surface scums or swirls of algae keep away from these. Do not use boats that are prone to capsizing until after the algae has gone.

Contact the Canal Centre for further information 01252 370073