Godalming Trip to Hampton Abandoned at Triggs Lock !

At 7.45 am last Saturday we prepared to launch at Godalming, greeted by Godalming Canoe Club and the Mayor as the club had planned a charity event and invited us to join them for lunch at the New Inn, Send,  compliments of the Mayor !

We set off on the fast flowing River Wey then on reaching Cattershall Lock were alarmed to see the red boards on display, oh dear, our transport had already left, we just had to continue to Hampton. We flew along at an alarming rate of knots.

Stoke Lock was our first real challenge, the river was raging and therefore we couldn’t risk using the pontoon to get in as white water raged over it. We found a get in by having to paddle to find the edge, it was quite scary. Then on to Bowyers Lock, we had to stop well short of the lock because the Mill Stream was on a mission to suck anything and everything into its path. Getting in after the lock was another great challenge.

We whizzed on at an alarming rate then when we reached Triggs Lock, Julie the lock keeper pleaded with us not to continue, the water was flowing over the lock and the gates like the rapids at Niagara Falls ! So, unfortunately we had to abandon our trip, very disappointed but also quite relieved as to continue would have been VERY DANGEROUS.

There are more rivers entering the Wey and not until after Pyrford would it have improved. Had we enquired the night before we’d have been given the go ahead but the river came up 18 inches overnight. A very kind passer by took us to Elm Nursery close by where we indulged in a cream tea whilst we waited a few hours for our son to pick us up. We enjoyed the company of a variety of animals kept on the farm and bought¬† several plants, so all in all it had been a very interesting day.

Ivy Darbon