Walton Bridge to Penton Hook Lock

After a few technical problems Ivy’s account of the Penton Hook trip has arrived at the News Centre. Here it is:-

12th April 2014

A group of ten paddlers (Andrew & Norma in K2 Bernard & Ivy in Canadian , Andy, Clive, Val, Adam, Dan, Dave Q all in kayaks), led by Andy Garbett set off from Walton Bridge for the upstream trip to Penton Hook Lock.  Still a fairly strong flow with headwind made the going  slightly challenging. On reaching Shepperton Lock we all prepared to portage when the lock keeper appeared asking if we’d like to “go through” Bernard and Ivy said OH Yes Please! Whilst everyone else bravely portaged the tricky steps. but we all arrived together at the other side. (Thank you lock keeper)

Paddling on towards Chertsey lock was uneventful, the portage again went smoothly and a few paddlers took the opportunity to munch energy bars and have a drink. We paddled on reaching Penton hook in roughly two and a quarter hours. We then spied an ice cream van at the lockside,  most of us took this opportunity to indulge in delicious ice cream cones, mmmmmmmm!

After half an hour, we set off downstream on the return trip to Walton Bridge, Clive vanished like a streak of lightening never to be seen again until Walton Bridge whilst the rest of us enjoyed a super fast easy paddle back taking only one and a quarter hours this time.

Jeff and Babs were waiting to greet us and we indulged in delicious bacon sandwiches before departing after yet another very enjoyable day together on the Thames.

Ivy Darbon