DW racers Saturday 4:30pm update

Aidan and Emily got the earliest start from Devizes at 07.18 and have been going great guns in their Wenonah kevlar canoe to get to Newbury by 16:01, in an elapsed time of 8:42.

Andrew and Barnet started slightly later at 08:01 and have now almost caught up with the canoeists getting to Newbury at 16:08. (Planning to stop at the club house 17:00 ish on Sunday pm)

Sam and Will set off in boat 414 at 10:30, aiming to go straight through to catch the early tide at Teddington on Sunday morning (about 7am) and at the latest count were making good progress and passed Hungerford at 15:37. (They should be passing through Hampton about 6am on Sunday morning!)

Keep an eye on the trackers (click on each link above) to get an accurate idea of when each crew will be passing through Hampton if you want to go out and cheer them on.