DW 2014 – starts Saturday

During the Easter weekend three crews are following the long tradition and representing HCC in the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race 2014 in the senior doubles category.

Will and Sam, K2, Boat Number 414

Emily and Aidan, C2, Boat Number 364

Andrew and Barnet K2, Boat Number 398

All three crews are starting on the morning of Easter Saturday.  Will, Sam, Emily and Aidan are aiming for the Sunday morning tide at Teddington, whist Andrew and Barnet are aiming for the Sunday evening tide at Teddington.

If you want to follow our progress there will be updates on the DW website:

http://www.dwrace.org.uk, this is the results page 

plus Andrew and Barnet hope to use a tracking device which will plot their progress on the following website link (adjust the filter for custom date range from the 19th April):


Andrew and Barnet are aiming to stop at the club for a quick break on Sunday at 17.00

Barnet Heeley

Barnet and Andrew will also be trialling one of the official DW trackers

2 thoughts on “DW 2014 – starts Saturday

  1. HCC Admin Post author

    Barnett and Andrew will also have one of the official trackers provided by DW as a trial of 50 boats this year.  I wasn’t aware of this until I saw the tracking website today.  It hasn’t been publicised yet because it is a trial, and not all the test boats have been selected yet.


    Emily & Aidan are in Boat 364.


    Good luck to you all – Stella and I will be on the start and finish of the Stages race again, transmitting the official times to the website.  The tracker times are not the official times – they can’t be since the GPS units only transmit at about 90 second intervals – and only when they can receive a mobile phone signal.

    Dave Wedd

  2. HCC Admin Post author

    Good luck to you all, hope to see you passing by Hampton on Sunday afternoon.


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