First Wednesday Evening Paddle

Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Magically, the stream warning on the Sunbury reach of the Thames that had been in force since December 2013 was at last lifted today,  just in time for the first Wednesday evening paddle of the year. With an extra hour on the clocks the sun was still well above the western horizon as five Hamptoneers decided to take advantage of the lighter evenings and get out on the river .

The advice on the national news today was ‘stay indoors’ and avoid the Saharan ‘smog’ if you suffer from breathing trouble! ┬áMy tickly throat was soon banished and my sore eyes saw clearly as by 6pm a light easterly breeze had blown up some fresh air to push us upstream all the way to the face of the main Sunbury weir which only the day before had been a dangerous seething mass of white water. What a difference a day makes!

Turning swiftly into the midst of the main flow we paddled steadily back down stream into the now pleasantly cooling breeze. Boats away, quick change and into the pub where the chairman bought us a welcome pint – thanks Andrew! And we all demolished the delicious if pricey burgers. What better way to spend a Wednesday evening?