Five and a half Hamptoneers!

Sunday 30th March 2014

Six took to the water and five and a half returned on Charles’s 12 mile paddle down the Thames and back.

A benign spring day of slight breezes and gentle stream carried us to Teddington in 1hr 20 mins, past the unlikely charms of Thames Ditton island and gardens only recently underwater.

With the promise of tea and cake at the Royal Skiff clubhouse, we broke the return journey after 10 minutes but, sad to say, Charles’s attempts to tailgate through a locked door came to nowt. No tea, no cake, no body. Danny and I left with a ‘Hamptoneer’ – an improvised collision in the narrow exit….. to read Stephens full report, click on the link on the reports page 

 Stephen Morris


One thought on “Five and a half Hamptoneers!

  1. HCC Admin Post author

    Barnet, Full English + cream tea – you seem to have skipped having lunch at the same sitting!… must be the effect of being on British Summer Time?

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