First signs of spring (New Haw to Walsham, 08.03.2014)

Trip participants Charles (leader),  Val, Clive, Christine, Stuart and Sally

Six of us set off in convoy from Bell Hill at around 10.00am on Saturday – swiftly losing Stuart on the first corner but happily he rejoined our convoy near Weybridge.

Getting in at New Haw Lock it was sunny and warm. En route saw 3 ducks sleeping 1 duck splashing around … And as Charles noted ‘ one of the first signs of Spring – a man washing his barbecue in the garden’. We paddled up to Walsham Gates and on the downstream return leg made a sunny stop at The Anchor where bacon butties were (and for future reference) sadly not served after 11.30am but the home made soup was good.

Overtook several narrow boats on the paddle back and overheard one woman while pointing at us say ‘ They are the nice type of canoeist … Not the Olympic kind!’ ….. We were of course travelling too quickly to stop and ask her what she meant!

Sally Trussler


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