Wettest winter ever – multiple race cancellations

Thameside ‘1’ – race cancellation from Reading canoe club

Following the course inspection on Friday, we are regrettably cancelling Thameside 1 (Aldermaston to Reading) Sunday 2 March. The tow path is still shut and flooded in several places. It is impossible to get in under the bridge at Fobney and County lock is effectively a compulsory weir shoot! (all be it a rather flat one). Although the river conditions are improving, there is more rain forecasted over the coming week and the improvements required on the lower section of the course are probably impossible in the time frame.

Waterside ‘A’ – race cancellation from Newbury canoe club

RACE A is here by Cancelled due to the excessive water conditions
and following advice from the Canal and River Trust.

The endlessly postponed Hare and Hounds #4 is now re-scheduled for this Sunday 2nd March but with the Wey still in flood upstream from Millmead keep an eye on their twitter feed